Say Hello to Culture

안녕하세요! Aloha! こんにちは! Hallå! здравствуйте! Bonjour! Γεια σας! Nyob zoo! 您好! Ciao! مرحبا! Hallo! สวัสดี! Salve! हैलो! Hola! سلام! Xin chào! ສະບາຍດີ! Salam! שלום! Hello!

Just like there are different ways to say hello, there are different ways to live. I don’t believe we should spend our lives isolated to one area and to one set of experiences. Instead, we should open ourselves up to the vast and beautifully diverse world around us. Other people and cultures may look weird, scary, or silly where we come from, but once we move out of our own bubbles, we’ll start to see things from a different – and often enlightening – perspective. So whether we travel to a far and distant land, try a different kind of cuisine, or read a book about another’s life… learning about these differences starts with simply saying Hello!

I chose the Korean and Hawaiian greetings to represent the spirit of this blog due to the geographical significance of these two places. On a traditional map, you’ll find these places on opposite sides of it, seeming a whole world apart from each other. But if you look on a globe, you’ll see they’re really not so far away. I find that kind of profound. Like it’s only a matter of perspective how close or distant things are in this world. So yes, be bold and learn about each other’s differences. But also take time to honor the similarities, too.

(Also, the alliteration turned out pretty cool.)


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