Coming Soon . . .

11150310_10205496686528802_8092689660992222963_nGuess where I’m going this summer? Hint: It’s London!

I’ve been to London before, back in 2012. My family had been planning this grand England adventure for years, ever since it was announced that London would be hosting the 2012 summer Olympics. Extra adventures to Germany and Rome were also tacked onto the trip, and that four week vacation was basically the highlight of 2012 for me (which is saying a lot, because I also turned 18, graduated high school, and saw my favorite band in concert that year).

But the five-or-so days I spent in London could only show me so much of the jolly ol’ city. Major sites I missed out on: Warner Bros. Studio Tour, The Globe Theater, and The British Museum. You can bet these will be top of my must-see list when I go back in three months.

I’ll be doing a three week study abroad program through Fresno State, which also provides four units of G.E. credit, a new tablet, and an opportunity to take a weekend trip outside of the city. I’m hoping go take the Chunnel to Paris, but we’ll see. I’m super excited, and want nothing more than to skip over these last two weeks of school and the beginning of summer so I can just go already!

Plus, I’ll be blogging religiously while I’m there since I’ll actually have something interesting to blog about. So stayed tuned… very shortly I’ll be saying HelloLondon!


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