Redemption, KPop, and Fits of Laughter (London day 13)

image Sunday was a fantastic end to an otherwise frustrating weekend. Crazy how good always prevails in the end, huh? Some time during our first week Faith and I took the wrong street trying to find a Pret and ended up passing by the Korean embassy. A sign in the window advertised a Korean Festival in Trafalgar Square on Aug. 9th, and being fans of Korean culture we decided to check it out when the time came. image It ended up being this huge event where the whole of Trafalgar Square was packed with people (the usual crowd of tourists had nothing on . We got there around 2 and were just overwhelmed by the people, the various cultural booths, and the smells of delicious food. A stage was set up right in front of the lion statues and had traditional Korean dancers and musicians performing when we arrived. Lines of people waiting for food snaked through the crowd. We joined a line and maybe forty mintues later got a little dish of yummy bulgogi and rice. We’d later visit a Korean market booth and get aloe juice, pepero, and ramyeon.

Mmm, mashisoyo!

Mmm, 맛있어요!

The biggest treat was listening to KPop music. They first had some cover artists come out on stage and dance to popular KPop songs like Bang Bang Bang, Crazy, and yes even Gangnam Style. Then an actual KPop group, “f(x)” performed a few songs! It was really hot and we were stuck in the middle of a really thick crowd and these girls next to us were screaming very annoyingly… but it was still pretty fun. First KPop concert, in London!

I don't even mind that they're not in my top 3 favorites bands.

I don’t even mind that they’re not in my top 3 favorite bands.

Felicity chose to spend the afternoon in the nearby National Gallery and met up with us afterward. We ate leftover dinner at our flats, but then went out for drinks at a pub. Faith and I went with cider instead of beer this time and were much happier. The three of us sat in a booth at this place called the Hand and Flower, which was a lot more chill than the one we’d gone to before. We reminisced about our trip so far, thought about the things we’d still try to do in our last week, and had several moments of that uncontrollable, teary eyed, don’t-look-at-each-other-or-you-won’t-stop kind of laughter that took away all of the stress. Again, I am so grateful to be sharing this experience with these two! So there’s my short and sweet post about the end of my second week. Only one week left! We’ll be doing a lot as a class again, but there’ll still be plenty of free time for us to do any last minute sightseeing or souvenir shopping. I’m actually really excited about the gifts I’ve already gotten for my family, even if I’m going to wait until Christmas to actually give them. I just hope I have enough luggage space to get them back…

See, KPop makes everything better.

See, KPop makes everything better.


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